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Perfect Blend
   2D Animation Short

Created by Steppie Studio: Frederique Verhoeven, Naomi Silberman, Kayne Mosch and Mitchie de Ruiter
Perfect Blend
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In the distant future, a young adult falls head over heels in love with a guy at a shopping mall. But when her attempts to ask him out with a cup of coffee end in embarrassment, she relies on a memory wiping machine to  rid herself of her shame and hopes to take another shot at love. 

Perfect Blend is a 2D animated short based of the concept "What if people could delete their memories through technology". It tells a comedic, romantic story of a young adult in the distant future, continually trying to ask out someone she fancies with a cup of coffee.
My contributions:
- 2D Animation (Inbetweens, Keyframes)
- Character Design
- Concept Art
- Sound Editing
- Editing
- Compositing

Animation Work

Concept Art